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["@nkw_space @alliztair playing @mitborras in #iwannadeliverashark by AI Hasegawa"]

120 x 75 cm
oil + acrylic on canvas



[#iwannadeliverashark #iwannadeliveradolphin by #aihasegawa"played by A.I.,3D and me]

With the help of synthetic biology human beings with an uterus could be able to deliver endangered animals


100 x 100 cm

acrylics + oil on canvas

@_johannesbuettner wearing @dashatsapenko_atelier 's growing fur_telize in @alicemmorey 's bacteria exhibition + AI,3D and me]

each 150 x 50 cm
oil on canvas

"@mitborras' Exgirlfriend Snowwhite"

[played by A.I., 3D and me]
[Mit Borras > ]


80 x 80 cm

oil + acrylics on canvas

I paint mashups of future visions of other artists. I also let some artists appear as characters in my paintings. With this network painting I copy artificial intelligence and try to paint like it. The basic principles of AI art are seriality, mutation, morphing, imitation, emulation and simulation. I use glitchy 3D scans of the artists, images of their artworks and “bad” interpretations of AI image generators that still make a lot of “mistakes” as templates and mix everything together. During the painting process, however, everything changes and goes in a surprising, new direction for me. In a digital age, the value of the original and the unique is lost, and other forms of appropriation such as ripping, remakes and remixes dominate instead. I mention all artists in my titles, trying to bring the idea of ​​open source to the visual arts. With AI images we are at a turning point in art and I find that inspiring and exciting. This turning point may also mean the end of the patriarchal view of a genius cult and artist ego. So in a way I paint collective paintings alone.

@mitborras' Exgirlfriend Snowwhite -part 3'"

30 x 30 cm
oil + acrylics on canvas

[played by A.I., 3D and me]

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