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I always try to explore the limits of figurative painting, be it in format, concept or documentation. Figurative painting runs like a red thread through human history and so I see post-digital painting as a logical step that opens up completely new perspectives and possibilities for figurative painting. Since the pandemic I've been using glitchy 3D scans as a template to portrait our algorithm-self e.g. or simply to have more freedom with a scan over a limited photo.  Lately I've been using "bad" beta versions of AI image generators. I find it genius, when they are still making so many "mistakes" that they create completely new viewing habits, comparable to children's drawings or "art brut" ( problematic term ). I am spending nights experimenting and choosing AI images, mixing them together and adding 3D scan images. It is still only a rough template and in the painting process everything changes.

When artificial intelligence tries to copy us, I try to paint like artificial intelligence: The basic principles of AI art are seriality, mutation, morphing, imitation, emulation and simulation



1982: born in Poland / 1982-1986: Soviet Union, Ukraine / 1987: Germany



- “NETupMESHwork” - private soloexhibition Uferstraße 6 , Berlin

- “OnSite” site-specific-art-festival, Berlin

- Curation and participation: “Inertia” at Countdown Grabowsee, Heilstätten Grabowsee, Oranienburg

- ”MaskWise” at Mastul – art and culture association, Berlin



-“O” at KINDL - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst – central exhibition of “48h Neukölln”, curated by Rosy DX

- “Money” at Countdown Grabowsee, Heilstätte Grabowsee, Oranienburg

- “Wahlverwandtschaft” Galerie Neon Kunst + Galerie KW / Randlage, Berlin



- “Site unseen” at Monopol Berlin, Berlin Art Week

- “Power” at Countdown Grabowsee, Heilstätte Grabowsee, Oranienburg

- “Boom”, 48h Neukölln, digital exhibition

- “A W(h)ole of Hope” at Monopol Berlin



- “Rituals” at Heilstätte Grabowsee, Countdown Grabowsee, Oranienburg

- Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, social experiment, followed by an exhibition

- “Bring your own Philosophy Machine” at “Gelegenheiten” in collaboration with Luce DeLire, Berlin

- “Paradise Lost”, in ZÖNOTÉKA with a pop up collektive, Berlin

- ”What’s Left” at Werkstatttraum e.V., Berlin



- “Refreshing Memories” Chaos Communication Congress - exhibition, Leipzig

- Nie-Kollektiv – Unterground theater at “Keller” - stage design, props

2017 “Tuwat” Chaos Communication Congress: - exhibition, Leipzig

2015 “Freizeichen” Reset Festival No4 (als Patricia Willan), Münster

2014 Dok Hackathon Berlin : webdocumentary, shown at Arte Future (als Lale Wilan)

2011 Akademie Galerie, München (als Lale Wilan), in collaboration with pseudonym “Sam Puat”

2008 Solo exhibition at ArtEZ Raum Hengelo, NL (als Patricia Willan)

2007 Permanent installation at cultural center “De Vrijhof” univerity of Twente, NL (als Patricia Willan)



2004 – 2008 BA of Fine Arts - Aki ArtEZ University of the Arts, Netherlands


Scholarship/ Funding

2022 Neustart Kultur “Modul D” (scholarschip), Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V.

2020 Sonderstipendium (scholarship) from the Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Berlin

2019 Funding for video work “ Meine Demokratie” from the Senate Department

for Urban Development and Living, Berlin


Art Residency / Summerschool

2019, 2021, 2022 Countdown Grabowsee, art residency, Heilstätten Grabowsee, Oranienburg

2019 Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, social experiment, summerschool for artist/ activists, Berlin

2008 European Exchange Academy, art resicency Beelitzer Heilstätten



2019 Work in private collection of Bernhard Hanke


2018 e-flux: painting “Mundpropaganda”, text by philosopher Luce DeLire


2023               Production Assistant at Julius von Bismarck's studio  

2009 – 2010  Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin

2004             “Identities versus Globalisation” Chiang Mai Art Museum, Thailand

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