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                  überintendantin              versus             ente der welt 

each  30 x 30 cm, ink on paper

                             For 48h Neukölln "Futur III", Exhibited at ZÖNOTEKA

With a temporary collective we staged a retrospective for a theater that never existed. I painted the members of the group as superintendent, each looking their duck of the world in the eye(word play in German: duck = ente, end = ende) 



DSC03408 Kopie.jpg
DSC03405 Kopie.jpg
DSC03397 Kopie.jpg
DSC03398 Kopie.jpg
DSC03402 Kopie.jpg
DSC03403 Kopie.jpg
DSC03400 Kopie.jpg
DSC03399 Kopie.jpg
DSC03401 Kopie.jpg
DSC03404 Kopie.jpg
DSC03396 Kopie.jpg
DSC03395 Kopie.jpg
DSC03393 Kopie.jpg
DSC03394 Kopie.jpg
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