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                                                                                                                      mouth to mouth 



     Mixed Media, 70x70 cm on wood panel


Video 5.48 min             2020 


A mouth series that integrates, like mimicry, into the environment in which it was created: An abandoned distillery, now the art place "Monopol Berlin" 

If the paintings are shown elsewhere, they take this environment with them, in the form of photos and can always be expanded anew and in different ways, see animated art documentary:

DSC04824 Kopie.JPG
DSC05210 Kopie.JPG
DSC05214 Kopie.JPG
DSC05287 Kopie.JPG
Mund 3 .jpg
DSC04993 Kopie.JPG
DSC04855 Kopie 2.JPG
DSC05292 Kopie.JPG
DSC05016 Kopie.JPG
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