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           the ghost of the ghost of kyiv


I lived in Kyiv, Ukraine as a child. In Irpin the house of my family was destroyed by a bomb, they fled to Germany. My stepfather stayed behind to protect his factory.  

On 10th of January 2022, so before the war in Ukraine started, I dreamed about the beginning of a war. The dream was about the exact second when fascism started

Since then I dreamed about war very often and even about war paintings.

This series is inspired by the paintings in my dream. It is a personal war diary. 


DSC06538 Kopie.jpg


                                                                                                  50 x 50 cm  acrylic spray paint and oil on canvas

DSC06540 Kopie.jpg

                            80 x 60 cm  oil on canvas


71 x 60 cm acrylic airbrush and oil on canvas 

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