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                     ilia 3.0

2020/ 2021

each  50 cm x 50 cm 

airbrush + pyrography + mixed media on wood

I am painting the "algorithm - self " here: Our digital self is constantly changing our "analog" self and creates an intermediate world.


In this work I combine old and traditional painting methods such as pyrography and traditional photo templates with newer airbrush painting and 3D scans as templates.

In 2020, two members of my former theater collective organized the "Hygiene" demonstrations  in Berlin ( anti covid  measures ) and founded the right open newspaper "Demokratischer Widerstand". That shocked us. Almost everyone immediately distanced themselves. However, a small group positioned themselves further right,  including  Ilia, a Russian writer who also writes for the "Demokratischer Widerstand".

Since I already painted him in 2018, I used the old photo templates and painted him again in 2020/2021. This time I also made  3D scans of him and painted the other half of the portraits from the glitchy scans




DSC05910 Kopie.JPG
DSC05908 Kopie.JPG
DSC05900 Kopie.JPG
DSC05903 Kopie.JPG
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