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                     ILIA 2.0


mixed media on paper +

tape on photography

See "Ilia 3.0 " the second part for explanation. 

"Ilia 2.0 " is the first part. Ilia is a Russian writer, we have been together in an underground theater collective. The theater called "Nie" (translated "never") was literally underground, located in a basement, where this installation took place. Ilia was performing next door. After his performance the visitors where invited to sit down at the round table in my room for an open discussion about everything. Everyone who sat down agreed to lead the discussion the whole night and to stay until the end of the discussion about everything and nothing. It was a very heated night. The table was there already, I just used it. You see a "Volksbühnen" reference on it, that turned out to be not only a theater provocation. More on that later. 

The collective made theater in the spirit of the former GDR and leftwing  "Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz" that was closed during that time, because due to political decisions the head of the theater, Frank Castorf, was fired and with him the legendary ensemble. One year before Volksbühne was voted "best theater in Germany". The new head of the theater was announced: Chris Dercon, who used to be the director of Tate Modern. He did not seem to care for the tradition of en ensemble theater, his concepts could have taken place in every other house of the world, he mismanaged the finances and represented for the citizens of Berlin "neoliberalism. For Berlin he was the opposit of the East German culture, that is slowly disappearing. What followed were huge protests  and the theater was squatted or occupied by thousands of people over a week, which sparked a huge controversy. Even the New York Times was writing about it. Chris Dercon was fired as well.

"Nie" was one of many collectives founded in that week. During the Corona pandemic some of the members organized the first protests against the Corona measures and some, like Ilia turned even more right wing.

The rest of the collective split in shock and disbelieve > see "Ilia 3.0"

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